State of Development

As the site takes some kind of form, here is an update to current state of development.

Today we are based on WordPress CMS, with a modded GeneratePress Theme.
WordPress is a very old system, but still popular CMS. Once a site develops and its database becomes large, performance issues start to become apparent, with page delivery speed slowing.

This can be noticed on the excellent website (also based on WordPress), with its less than optimal site loading speed, due to the fact the site is well-established, with what must be a huge database.

So, after extensive research, we have discovered the world of Static Site Generators.
Website Technology appears to now have come full circle, with a system that develops, builds and deploys static websites.

Most notable for us is NetlifyCMS, which offers a customisable web-based interface, suitable for content creators and editorial, based on React. All this is built from a Github repository, stored in Markdown, therefore offering portability to other systems.

We’re in the process of fully evaluating the whole SSG ecosystem and could, in the near future, update to this new technology.