Beginner’s Guide to EQ and Compression (Youtube) – An excellent introduction, with narration by Dan Worral.
Tips and Tricks for Mixing and Mastering – Sponsored by Fabfilter, with narration by Dan Worrall.


Thunder & Rain • Natural Ambience Sound Generator — The Sound of Thunder, without the fear of strikes –  The most extensive collection of Max for Live devices. – Unique website, where you can create and edit Ableton colour themes. – Roland TR-808 and TB-303 on a webpage.


Gravity Audio Spectrum – Spotify Playlist
Jimpsters Wind Down Selection – Spotify Playlist
Jon Hopkins: Quiet – Spotify Playlist
Feel My Bicep – Spotify Playlist
Floating Points’ Turntable – Spotify Playlist
Disclosure’s Record Bag – Spotify Playlist
uu rhythm [unknown – untitled] – Spotify Playlist
Four Tet – Spotify Playlist
Apparel Waxlist – Spotify Playlist
Jacques Greene – Spotify Playlist
Higgo’s Happy Place – Spotify Playlist


Ableton Live – Released in 2001, Ableton Live, with its grid-based session view, revolutionised the way audio was produced on computers. Initally audio only, it introduced midi in 2005 and since version 9 has incorporated MaxForLive. Ableton Blog
Bitwig Studio – Founded by some former employees of Ableton in 2014, Bitwig took familiar concepts and packaged them in a new format. After firmly establishing itself in the DAW world, Bitwig now develops many new and innovative concepts.
Cubase – Older than some of you reading this, (introduced in 1989 on Atari ST), Cubase is an industry standard in many circles. Version 1.0 was midi-only software from Steinberg, with audio being incorporated in 1992 and VST technology developed and introduced in 1996.
Digital Performer
Fruity Loops
Logic Pro
Pro Tools
Studio One