Gravity Audio 2023 Shoutouts

2023: less noise – more music. Album/EP – Disclosure Alchemy   (Bandcamp link) Track – Disclosure – Looking For Love   (Bandcamp Extended Mix link) Mix – Take Control Mix – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs  (Soundcloud link) Playlist – Higgo’s Happy Place (Spotify link) Stream – ARIatHOME (Twitch Link) Artist – K-Lone

Gravity Audio 2022 Shoutouts

2022 will be a year that is remembered for reasons other than the following.  Artists such as: KH (aka Four Tet), Cameo Blush, Jasper Tygner, Joy Orbison, Two Shell and unknown – untitled (uu rhythm) (to name just a few) defined the sound of 2022 for us. There is a heavy dystopian vibe to it, while remaining forward thinking.  … Read more

Gravity Audio 2021 Shoutouts

The best thing to come out of the 2020 lockdown was the quality of music delivered in 2021, after producers being studio-bound for over a year.  Here’s what we enjoyed the most in the year that got away, 2021.  Album – Insolito by Tipper (Bandcamp link)  Track – Another Level by Disclosure (Youtube link) Mix – Guy from Disclosure @ Energy … Read more

Energy Festival by Disclosure 31/07/2021

The new Energy Festival is being hosted by Guy and Howard of Disclosure. The lineup consists of headliners such as Disclosure MJ Cole salute Higgo kryptogram and a lot of up and coming artists. Event takes place on 31/07/2021 at details Energy Festival by Disclosure 31/07/2021

Audius – the decentralised music streaming dapp

Audius is a music streaming and sharing platform, based on blockchain technology. Touting itself as the streaming service for the artists, as it purports to have a more efficient earnings model (yet to be implemented), it incorporates a new audio distribution service, via “content” and “discovery” nodes that are currently based on Ethereum. As with … Read more

Ableton Live 11 is released

Ableton have released version 11 of their Live software. We’ll update with some feedback after extensive use. In the meantime, here are some tutorials from Ableton and from an indepth look at new additions and features.

Gravity Audio 2020 Awards

2020 was mostly a year that will be hopefully forgotten, but as with most things in life, there have been highlights. So, with great pleasure we announce the first year of the official Gravity Audio 2020 awards. Our short but very sweet list of awards are as follows: Best Stream – DisclosureMusic A groundbreaking stream … Read more

Spotify AI patent to combat musical plagiarism

After reading a quick headline regarding Spotify’s application for the patent of a technology to help protect songwriters’ works, we decided to research the news further. Initially intrigued, and happy that songwriters’ fruits of labour would be protected, the story started to unravel. All this is unofficial, as there is no specific announcement from Spotify, … Read more

Disclosure Grammy Awards and Twitch Competitions

The incredibly talented and dedicated Guy and Howard are still doing the Disclosure Twitch Competition, and it gets stronger every week, with fantastic prizes from Arturia and Serato.Guy and Howard (who are up for two 2021 Grammy nominations) judge the entries at List of Disclosure Twitch Competition Top 5 winners is here and also … Read more