Audius – the decentralised music streaming dapp

Audius is a music streaming and sharing platform, based on blockchain technology.

Touting itself as the streaming service for the artists, as it purports to have a more efficient earnings model (yet to be implemented), it incorporates a new audio distribution service, via “content” and “discovery” nodes that are currently based on Ethereum.

As with Soundcloud, tracks are uploaded and then added to playlists. Also, as with Soundcloud, there is eventually going to be a subscription service, nullifying adverts during playback.

Now, where it gets interesting is when the $AUDIO token comes into the equation. These are now being distributed to Top 5 artists/playlists weekly and monthly, along with an annual 7% drop to the highest contributors.

Disclosure is on Audius, with a playlist of their weekly Market Monday competition, open to Twitch subscribers, which is trending well in the Audius Top Playlists.

This could actually be a game changer.