Gravity Audio 2021 Shoutouts

The best thing to come out of the 2020 lockdown was the quality of music delivered in 2021, after producers being studio-bound for over a year. 

Here’s what we enjoyed the most in the year that got away, 2021. 

Album – Insolito by Tipper (Bandcamp link) 

Track Another Level by Disclosure (Youtube link)

Mix – Guy from Disclosure @ Energy Fest by Disclosure 2021 (not available online at the moment)/ KETTAMA IN THE LAB LDN ( Youtube link)

Playlist Minimal House 2021 (Spotify link)

Stream Pyka/JessU on Twitch

New ArtistM-High (Spotify link)

Online Festival (new for 2021) – Energy Fest by Disclosure 2021